The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs to Make Money in Nigeria [2021 Guide]

Affiliate Marketing is the Number 1 way to make money online. With commissions as high as 50%, see the best Affiliate Programs to make money in Nigeria now! 

I saved 1 million naira in piggyvest in 2020.

I’m cashing out 365k from cowrywise on December 31.

When I see tweets like that, I get envious. How do these people do it?

With covid-19 and the greatest recession since Lord Lugard created Nigeria, how do people make so much money and still save so much?

Well, as for me, I’m upping my savings game in 2021.

Wait, don’t be fooled o. I save too- with Piggyvest and Cowrywise.

Just that it’s coins for data or lavish shawarma, at best. I’m a thousandnaire, on those platforms! Sad!

So I began thinking, what can I do as a side hustle, to drop at least 1k per day in savings? Something extra but without stress?

You see I started using the internet since 2002. And if you’re like me, I’ve always wanted to make money online. And yes, I have made money online.

But there’s an online income stream I’ve started taking seriously lately.

It’s the Number One passive income source on the internet! I mean making money while you sleep- literally!

This is not a drill. It’s legit real. And you might have heard about it.

Affiliate Marketing!

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based Internet business that involves promoting other people’s products in return for a pre-defined reward.

Simple. See Affiliate Marketing this way:

Mr. Creator has just launched an video course. He needs quick sales. So he calls and says hey! I’ve got this new video course.

I know lots of your friends would want to buy it. Why not get your friends to buy the course?

Then you say: So what’s my gain?

Mr. Creator replies: Ok so this my course sells for $100. For every of your friend that buys, I’ll give you $30!

And you can get as many as your friends you’ve got to buy. Even if they’re a million persons.

That’s Affiliate marketing. It’s super simple.

No stress. You don’t create anything, you don’t do nothing.

Just find a product you know your friends and family really need, confirm you can get commission promoting the product, start promoting and see the dollars roll into your account!

Is this something you can do?

Absolutely! Anyone can run an Affiliate business.

Do you have up to 10 friends?

Do you have up to 5 family members?

If yes, you’re set up for Affiliate marketing business already.

How do you start Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria?

If you’re in Nigeria, I’ll show you the top 5 best Affiliate marketing programs you can join right now and start making money instantly!

Shall we? The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs to make Money in Nigeria:

  1. Switbai Academy Affiliate Program
  2. Jumia Affiliate Program
  3. Konga Affiliate Program
  4. Whogohost Affiliate Program
  5. IQ Option Affiliate Program

Let us explore each of them.

Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia is a household name in e-commerce all over Africa.

With millions of products listed on their website, Affiliate marketers are spoilt for choice.

You can simply send your unique affiliate links to friends who want to buy goods.

If you have a website or blog, the better! You can place banners and product links in strategic spots on your pages to send buyers to Jumia. Jumia pays as high as 11% Affiliate commission.

Switbai Academy Affiliate Program

Switbai Academy is an online learning platform with courses focused on web development and internet business. By referring people to sign up for courses on Switbai Academy, you will earn 30% commission per referral.

Switbai Academy tracks cookies for 90-days.

What does that mean?

It means that if a person clicks your unique Affiliate link, even if they do not make an immediate purchase on the website, you will earn your 30% commission.

As long as the person buys a course within the next 90 days!

This makes the Switbai Academy one of the best Affiliate programs to make money in Nigeria!

How much can you earn as a Switbai Academy Affiliate Partner?

Seriously, it depends on you!

Quick Math: If a course sells for 10k and you refer 10 friends to buy the course, you make 3k(30%) X 10.

That is 30k!

Konga Affiliate Program

Konga is similar to Jumia. As a big e-commerce marketplace, you can take your cut each time your someone makes a purchase after clicking your Affiliate link.

Konga pays up to 9% Affiliate commission. Your commission depends on the product you promote. So take note of the advertised commission rate per product or product group.

Affiliates are paid upon confirmed purchase and delivery of item(s) by visitor(s) on The payment date is on the Friday of the second week of the next month. Payment is made through Bank/Wire Transfer.

Whogohost Affiliate Program

Whogohost is one of most popular web hosting companies in Nigeria. As it ascends in popularity among website owners, Whogohost also adopted the Affiliate marketing approach by offering 15% commission on web hosting plans. Whogohost has a payment threshold of 3000 naira, meaning you won’t get paid until you have accumulated 3000 naira in Affiliate commission.

IQ Option Affiliate Program

The last Affiliate Program we will look at is IQ Option. IQ Option is a crypto investment and trading platform. It accepts Affiliate Partners from all over the world. Your job as an IQ Option Affiliate Partner is to refer would-be crypto traders to their website. IQ Option offers two ways to make money as an Affiliate Partner in Nigeria. CPA According to their website, “CPA model offers you a fixed amount for each unique active trader. When a trader makes deposits, trades, verifies the account, watches videos and training tutorials, chats with other traders, etc., these actions are compiled in activity groups that generate value points. When a trader earns enough value points, they are considered active and you get paid for them. Please note that for the CPA payment model, any motivated and/or incentive traffic is not subject to payments.” The second way to make money as an Affiliate with IQ Option is the Revenue Share model. With the Revenue Share, you receive up to 50% of the broker’s (people you refer) profit for the entire time traders are active on our platform.
Each of the platforms we have covered among the best Affiliate Programs to make money in Nigeria does not have any special requirements to be accepted as an Affiliate Partner. For instance, you don’t need a website to start making money with any of the Affiliate Programs covered in this article. However, we recommend that you get a website to increase your earning potential. Many people know they need a website to earn more as an Affiliate marketer or Partner but are unable to because of the cost of hiring a Professional to build the website/blog. I would strongly recommend that rather pay someone to build your website, you should learn to build one yourself. You can save as much as 100k by learning to build websites. Click here for a free starter course if you would like to learn how to build Professional websites for your business. Also, the Affiliate Programs we have covered here are all absolutely free to join. I have verified that and deliberately left out Affiliate Programs that require a registration fee.




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