Is WordPress a Social Media Platform?

is wordpress a social media platform

You may have heard about WordPress, perhaps from bloggers or web designers. But are you wondering if WordPress is a social media platform or if it can be used to create one?

We will clarify things right away.

Is WordPress a Social Media Platform?

No, WordPress is NOT a social media platform. Rather, WordPress is a web design and development software. You can also call it website builder.

WordPress is used to create all kinds of websites, from blogs to full-blown big business websites. For instance this website was made with WordPress.

When you say social media platform, you’re referring to websites/apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn and similar websites.

But since we mentioned that WordPress can be used to create various kinds of websites, you may be wondering if WordPress can be used to create a social media platform.

Well, the answer is YES. Let’s talk more about that below.

Can You Create a Social Media Platform with WordPress?

Like we noted above, you can create a social media/network like Facebook or Twitter with WordPress.

You see, WordPress works on what we know as themes and plugins. Just think of themes as templates on which you can build your designs. Plugins, on the other hand is where the power of WordPress lies.

WordPress plugins enable you to create powerful funcitonality. Hence, there are plugins to build ecommerce, job, booking, and you guessed it, social media websites, on WordPress!

Now, let’s explore some plugins that turn a basic WordPress site to a social media network.

Of course, if you’ve never created a website with WordPress before, you should learn to do so.

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Best WordPress Plugin for Social network

You need to understand the basic working principles behind a social network like Facebook, for instance.

  • Ability to connect with friends and others
  • Ability to comment on posts
  • Photo and video uploads
  • Notifications
  • Ability to create groups
  • Private messaging
  • Real-time communication

That’s not all but you get the idea. So the plugins listed below will enable you create social communities with WordPress.

  1. BuddyPress
  2. PeerBoard
  3. WP Symposium Pro
  4. Revive Social
  5. PeepSo

To wrap up, what have we learned?

WordPress is NOT in itself a social media platform. But it can used to create social media platforms like Facebook.

And you can learn how to create powerful websites with WordPress in this online course.

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