Affordable SEO Packages in Nigeria

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers several activities done to improve the visibility or ranking of pages of a website in Search Engine search results. Our affordable SEO packages in Nigeria help your website rank high for keywords that are related to your services and products.

What do our affordable SEO packages include?

Learn how our SEO packages push your website pages to the top Google or Binge search results.

Technical SEO

Site Structure & Navigation

We ensure your site structure and navigation is optimised for the best user experience and easy for Google to understand and index.

XML Sitemap

A Sitemap helps search engines like Google and Bing to find pages on your site quicker, especially if your website is new. We will create an xml sitemap of your website and add it to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

URL Structure

A poor URL structure hurts your website's seo. For instance, you should avoid using characters like commas, semicolons etc in your urls. We will audit your present URL structure and recommend changes in line with what search engines expect to see.

404 pages & 301 Redirects

You may have moved site content or change urls, over time. Have you ever hit a Page not found error on a website. You like ly were annoyed or confused. We will ensure your website visitors don't ever have a similar experience. All pages indexed by Google will point or redirect to live pages.

Crawling and Indexing

Google robots will may never find your web pages if a deliberate effort is not made to help them. We take control of crawling and indexing for your website pages so they are showing up on Google fast.

Duplicate Content

We check regularly for duplicate content on your website. Why? Search engines love unique content and for good reason. Our constant audits will let you know when you have duplicate content across pages on your website or when you have content inadvertently copied from other websites.

Page Speed

A slow website is bad for both humans and seo. Using industry tools, we measure your website loading speed on each page. Then, we will recommend changes to speed up your website.

Mobile Usability

90% of your website users are very likely on mobile devices. We ensure users across all devices have an optimal experience.

Hreflang Optimization

If your site is available in multiple languages, then you will need Hreflang. Don't want, Hreflang is just a techie term to describe what we do so that search engines serve your pages to users based on their location and language.

Structured Data

Google robots are smart enough to detect what a website page is about. But we can make it easier by adding structured data to classify the page and tell Google what exactly to index about the page content. For example, we can create structured data for movies, recipe, courses etc.


Canonicalization helps prevent inadvertent duplicate/simliar content from hurting your website seo. We run regular audits to ensure canonicalization is implemented wherever required.

Javascript & CSS Optimization

99% of modern websites run on CSS and Javascript. We recommend best practices in serving css and javascript code. These recommendeations often border on code minimification, Javascript placement and actual script reduction.

On-Page SEO

Meta Title Optimization

A web page's meta title is the words you see in the browser tab and on top of search results. But they are more than decorative in purpose. Meta titles also tell search engines the overall theme or topic of that web page or blog article. There are rules to make Google and other serarch engines read your meta titles correctly. We help implement those rules.

Meta description Optimization

When you run a Google search, after the mosre obvious meta title, you would also seea descripton of the page or post. We have to literally tell Google what that description is through a meta description.

H1 Tag Optimization

After Meta title, each web page must have a title enclosed in what we call H1 tags. This is one of the most important tags on the page and it has to be exactly one. We fix that for you.

External Linking

External links are web links to other websites on your website. You can think of them as references in a thesis. They are important because, by having a numbe rof external links, you tell Google you are not a silo. And indeed, is your website a silo? Nope.

Content Optimization

You could create a 4000-word blog article, add great images or videos-and still not rank. That is where content optimization comes in. We ensure your content is written for humans but optimized for Google robots.

UX Optimization

User Experience (UX) optimization is about giving your website users the best experience whileon your website. While this is a huge topic on its own, UX is closely related to SEO and search engines use your website UX signals as a ranking factor.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is vital in SEO. One common pratice is to pass link from high-authority pages to newer pages on your website. It is our job to find such linking oppurtunities and recommend accordingly.

Image Optimization

Beyond proper sizing of images, SEO dictates that each image on your website carrie an "Alt" text. We check for this and recommend impovemnents as needed.

Reduce Bounce Rate

How do you reduce bounce rate? Create engaging content. How can your content be more engaging? We let you know.

Off-Page SEO

Competitor Analysis

Why is your competitor number one and your website is stuck at number 5 on Google seearch results? What sites link to your competitor's but don't link to your website? What can you do better than your competitor? Our highly-detailed competitor analysis covers all of that.

Backlink Building

Most of SEO Professionals would tell you that backlinks carry the heaviest weight in Google ranking factors. And Google has indeed confirmed that backlinks are huge for SEO. We do all we can legimately to acquire high-authority backilinks for your website.

Trust Score

What do people think of your brand or product? Are you getting 5-star reviews on TrustPilot or GMB? Google takes that into account when ranking your website. We provide proven recommendations on improving yorur Trust Score across the web.

Local SEO

GMB Set Up and Optimization

We will set up your Google My Business (GMB) account and optimize it so that your local business climbs that Map Pack ladder in no time.

NAP Citations

NAP refers to Name, Address and Phone numbe of your Business. A major killer of local seo is NAP inconsistency. We clean up your reecords on the internet so that your NAP appears the exact same way everywhere. Beyond that, we acquire more NAP citations for your local business.

Local Link Building

To succeed with local seo, your wesbite should get links from other local businesses and governement agencies. We assist in getting those local backlinks.

Research & Reporting

Keyword Research

Keyword research is central to every SEO project. Either we are looking for new keywords to rank for or exploring if you are ranking for the right keywords, we will cover all grounds.

Google Search Console & Google Analytics

Besides using third-party software, we will monitor your website's organic search performance with Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Weekly Reports

SEO activities can easily go under the radar. We keep you in the in the loop with weekly reports.

Affordable SEO Packages & Pricing

When you choose us for your next project, you join an elite group of happy customers.


$350 / month
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Research and Reporting


$1500 / month
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Research and Reporting
  • Off-page SEO
  • Blog Writing (4000 words per month)

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