Why You Should Start an Online Course Today

Online learning

Today, you can start an online course from Harvard, MIT and other top universities in the world, from anywhere you live- thanks to edx.org and countless online learning platforms. But forget university courses for a second. Learning new skills is a deep human need.

Skills rule the world and acquiring one or two is a requirement of 2021 and beyond. App development, web design, dressmaking, renewable energy tech, UX design, digital marketing are skills in high demand today and would remain so for a long time to come. And you don’t need a university education to pick up these skills.

All you need is a mobile device and internet.

You can learn anything online. Online learning is boundless. No boring classrooms, no traffic to school, no endless school bureaucracy, no university lecturers going on strike, no inhuman deadlines. And did I add it can be stupidly cheap to take online courses?

Here are three reasons why you should start an online course today.

  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Repetitive learning


Stay back at home and learn anything you want. That’s the convenience online learning provides. From computer programming to child-care, there is a plethora of information on offer online.


While many courses online are not without cost, there are a million and one that is absolutely free. Start with Youtube. Even on huge course marketplaces like Udemy, you would still find plenty of free courses. For as low as $15, you can learn to build websites and make a living out of it.

Repetitive Learning

Have you ever missed a class- a physical classroom session? Likely you have! Even if you get notes from classmates, you can not replay your teacher’s oral presentation again. You have forever missed the color of his eyes and the emotions on his face as he drove home the points in class.

With online learning, you can literally playback your teacher’s presentation as many times as needed. Most online courses are pre-recorded or even if they are live, recordings are usually made available. Repetitive learning enhances the self-paced educational experience.

You should start an online course right away. No, you don’t have to start with paid courses. There are plenty of free courses to choose from, and they’re still the real deal.

Here are free courses from Switbai Academy. We want you to enjoy the handsomeness of Online learning immediately. You’ve got nothing to lose. Go ahead and enroll in these free courses now.

Introduction to Web Design Without Coding

If you’re ready to pay for an online course immediately, you can join over 300 students, and counting, who have taken our online courses. here’s a list of paid courses now available

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