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We’ve made beautiful things- a School App, an Affiliate Program, a website that answers your burning questions about online business and an online learning App.


Switrez is an online report web App for Primary and secondary schools. Core and add-on modules include Student Information Management App, School Accounting App and Computer-based Testing App. With Switrez, Schools' transition to paperless is seamless.

Switbai Academy

Switbai Academy is our online learning Web App. Learn high-demand skills through a Project-based approach. Courses cover WordPress design, html, CSS. Laravel Php, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and SEO.

Affiliate Program

Switbai Academy Affiliate Program This is where you make money from us. Our Affiliate program pays you a commission of 30% every time you refer someone to buy a course at Switbai Academy. You can refer as many as you want, and your income stream flows on and on.


Koursee takes a novel approach to blogging. Think of it as a home of carefully curated answers to common questions on Web development, Internet Business, SEO and every sub-niche of those. Koursee helps you by answering all your questions in one place so you don't have to google endlessly.

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Switbai has provided support for years and they remain the primary reason why we remain technologically relevant. They have come through on every idea we have and they easily translate every concept we have to reality. They are thoroughbred professionals and they know their onions. I recommend Switbai to anyone requiring I.T solutions.
Tayo Akinwale
CEO, Stowecroft Consulting
It has been a wonderful experience for me to learn at switbai academy. The courses are very easy to understand and the course instructors are very supportive.
Ademola Adelusi
Web Designer
Switbai.com is your best choice if you're thinking of designing a world class website...non of the 3 clients I've referred to have said anything less from this review...I've worked with couple of other experts on web design, but I tell you, Switbai.com is exceptional both in customer service and operational excellence. Just give them a try and you'll undoubtedly give a better review than this... I'd have added another star🌟 to the 5th
James Giggs
Health Safety Expert

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